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LAUSD Webcast

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Henry Anker,




Mathew Needleman,





Jose Rodriguez






Jose:  Our experience has been as Elementary School teachers our presentation is from this perspective.  Conversation started after Invite to It's Elementary Webcast and my work this summer with the Webcast Academy.  I am also simucalsting this Webcast on the http://webcastacademy.net site.  Our willingness in bringing discussion of technology use to LAUSD educators. 



Mathew:  Topic: LAUSD Technology Showcase: How Are You Using Technology in Your Classroom?


We will begin with Examples from our Co-hosts Henry Anker, Jose Rodriguez, and I (Mathew Needleman)




Examples/Presentations:  These will be Web tours inside Elluminate




Meeting Password:       411


Henry—How I got started making these activities for my own students, and my work evolved to web based content that students and teachers anywhere could access. I would solicit feedback from teachers on how I could organize the activities better, and if teachers had suggestions for other activities.


Jose—Introducing Web 2.0 into your classroom.

Going beyond traditional use of technology:  Presentation tool, electronic worksheets, basic research. http://www.slideshare.net/markwoolley/web-20-tools-in-your-classroom

New Standards technology standards. http://www.iste.org/inhouse/nets/cnets/index.html

My plans for 2007-08

My classroom blog; http://room36.wordpress.com First attempt at classroom blog

http://thirdgradediscoveries.edublogs.org My plans for this school year.

Connecting with other classrooms within LAUSD and on the Web http://svenlore.blogspot.com  http://otownteacher.edublogs.org/2007/06/27/welcome-to-rm-217-online 

Continuing my Professional Development;  http://k12onlineconference.org

Participating in Live Webcasting; http://itselementary.edublogs.org



Mathew—Digital video to teach media literacy, engage reluctant readers/writers (how I went from editing movies myself to teaching 2nd graders to edit their own films), brief snippets of films, quick explaination of workflow (software used), how to work this in with pacing plan and mandated curriculum

My presentation is online at: http://www.opencourtresources.com/webcast

I am not showing movies as there seems to be some technical problems. However, I have stills from the films and direct those interested to the video web site. I will, of course, narrate presentation.


Martha Valencia:  Opportunities for professional development:  UPDATE



Open Forum  


Question and Answer Session


Examples from participants: 


Next Steps 

Thoughts from Henry and Mathew.  Jose:  Invite to participate to collaborate locally in their schools and network in the district and beyond.  Participate in Online learning networks like Classroom 2.0 and EdtechTalk.  Info Tech 2008.  Special thanks to Martha Valencia and Rudy Rizo for making this forum available to LAUSD educators.  Thank you Mathew and Henry for Co-hosting this event.  There will be a podcast available for download at http://webcastacademy.net


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